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I'm very very sorry, but it seems that I can't work currently on the adddon, as I'm working on an much bigger project. As soon as this will release(planned at summer 2014), I will work on ExtraActionBars again, but until then the work here is frozen. Sorry again :( (I will of course still do my best to give best support to the addon)


What is ExtraActionBars?

ExtraActionBars is a addon, which will add more ActionBars. This means you have now 120 instand of 80 actionbar-fields, which you can configurate seperate and which all can have other, functionally hotkeys. ExtraActionBars is also able to save the skills,which set on that, for each class combinations seperate. So you have different actionbars for different class combinations, for example you will have other skills as Mage/Dudu in the actionbars as you have as Mage/Thief.

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Of course this addon is useable in the AddonManager :) The slash command, which can the addon use, are(since v3.00):

  • /eab bzw /extraactionbars to toggle the mainframe
  • /eab on to activate the addon
  • /eab off to deactivate the addon
  • /eab toggle to toggle the addon activation

Also, since v3.00 ExtraActionBars is able to work with GroupInvite together (needed at least GroupInvite v2.3.460). Then the config frame of ExtraActionBars will "jump" into the config frame of GroupInvite as an extra page. This allow some futures like a better overview over the hotkeys of each field.

How to instal an addon

  • Open your Runes of Magic game folder
  • Open the folder "Interface" in your Game folder. If this is your first addon, you have to create this folder.
  • Open the folder "Addons" in this Interface folder. If this is your first addon, you have to create this folder.
  • Extract the downloaded ExtraActionBars.zip in the Addons folder.
  • Start the Game. Now should ExtraActionBars work :)


To contact the support of ExtraActionBars, post please in my Addon-Forum or in the Runes of Magic fourm. I will try to give as good support as i'm able to :)

I hope my addon will be famous :)


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