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Sep 10, 2010

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I was inspired by BuffBars. BuffBars however do not include fact that player and any target can have up to 24 buffs and same amount of debuffs. I tried to modify original addon, but it wasn't the thing I was looking for, bars (even made smaller) took to much space even without adding maximal amount of bars (48).

After few hours of thinking, I realized that best place for bars would be countdown under original (de)buff icons. So I started digging in game files to find out how are they made. After few hours I had a working prototype, which I finished within next hours.


  • Curse has long delays when it gets to approving new packages, it is common that you see new description but there is no file yet. Please verify version that you download, if it isn't latest then you can visit Polish project page. You might also check repository if you are interested.
  • Before you post an error read Bug Reports.


I use my own SVN repository server. You may find current working copy here.


Thanks to xzanthar for inspiration and bars layout.

Change Log


  • Fixed debuff bars time.


  • Support for player buffs only.
  • Status bar under player's (de)buff icon.
  • Copied and displayed on status bar time from original counter (bar covers it).
  • No bar if (de)buff is not time limited.
  • Simple and clean code.

Bug Reports

Please do not post comments or send messages telling that it doesn't work. If you want to complain then go get a glass of watter, but if you want to help, post a comment or send a message with as detailed description as you can. It doesn't hurt and can make work much faster. Once again I want to thank all people that were sending their feedback, suggestions and error reports.

  • Before posting an error check if:
    • You have latest described version (Change log)
    • If error is not caused by any other addon.


If you develop a patch which you want to share, you can send it to me and if I like it I will include it.

Polish project page.

Please leave a comment on Curse or on my page with suggestions/fixes/solutions.


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