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Uploaded by realtelltod
Uploaded Jan 21, 2013
Game Version 5.0.1
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tag v5.0.6-beta-3
tasquer <>
2013-01-22 01:40:37 +0200

new: class and skill selection frames (unfinished);
filter items by unique skins;
filter items by bonus name and min/max values;
search purple items by default;
search stats with maximum values;


    - search: reorderd controls
    - Replace TEXT(SYS_WEAREQTYPE) with unified function.
    - #14 - Filter items by stat at Search frame
    - #15 - Filter items by unique skin at Search frame
    - spell tooltip: added 'Dot'
    - moved: GetSpellDescription
    - added stat filtering by max value also.
    - search frame: purple rarify by default, clear rarity for wings.
    - fix for dcab4e3bae90643ac65cb9cf6d90aaa695f3ce02
    - more generic CP.PostItemLink
    - Post skill links in chat
    - fix errors when no subclass
    - correct skill costs
    - direct access to money-names
    - fixed: using only passive skill in calc
    - added skill tooltips
    and some Skillbutton clean ups
    - added max level check & level input
    - tools: export all spells & including dmg & times (including these with no direct effects)
    - accurate skill list  & added filters
    - added groups ...just getting closer
    - using own skill table
    - moved 'Skills' to unit
    - introducing class/level/skill selection dialog
    - tools: added tp-costs
    - minimized recipe DB
    - tools: added recipes
    - tools: base_table now uses separated index table
    - renamed data files & fixed export tools
    - tools: extracting skills