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AutoLogin allows to store password and enter the world in one screen.

The main login screen is enhanced by dropdown lists for account,server and character selection.
If passwords are set (including the second password) they will be filled in automatically.


Do NOT use the curse client!
Download and extract folder to "interface/" subdirectory
(resulting in a "interface/loginxml/" directory NOT interface/addons !)

Optional: Move the Sub-Folder "AutoLogin_command" to "interface/addons/" (see 'camp command')


Edit the "config.lua" in "interface/loginxml/" with a text-editor of your choice.


At file start are some comments and options which are discussed later. Everything after a '- -' is a comment and ignored (till line end).

The 'accounts' block needs to be filled with your privte data.
For each account you need a block like:

{   name="account", password="password", sec_password="sec_pass",  characters={"Char1","char2","char3"},  },

Feel free to use linebreaks,spaces or tabs as you like. (example: account3)

Text after the first space in a charname is only displayed in the login menu.


Make sure to select Format 'UTF-8 without BOM' when saving the "config.lua".
Most editors are supporting this (Notepad+ +, Scite, UltraEdit, TextPad,....)

Or use escape chars like "\195\164" for a 'ä' (see


For multiple servers you need a more complicated setup (example: account4)

Instead of 'sec_password' and 'characters' you need an extra "servers" table. Like:

{   name="account4", password="password",
        servers = {
            {   name="Muinin", sec_password="sec_pass", characters={"Char6","Char7"},},
            {   name="Laoch", sec_password="sec_pass", characters={"Char8","Char9"},},


  • AULO_use_channel = 1
    This is the preselected channel.
  • AULO_login_after_charselect = true
    If true you'll automatical login after character selection
  • AULO_sort_accountlist = true and AULO_sort_characterlist = false
    If true the account/character dropdown lists are sorted
  • AULO_auto_login_character={"char1","server"}
    Instead of letting you choose a account/character this will fully login in this character.
  • AULO_store_last_account = true
    if you don't won't to preselect last account set this to false:


Safety Tip

You should move the "config.lua" to a safe directory (ex: user-documents, usb-stick,...).
Atleast you should rename it.
If you do so you'll have to edit 'accountlogin.lua' and change the first line to point to the correct directory.
example: local account_file="e:/rom/config.lua"
(note: use slash instead of backslash to prevent errors)


Camp Command

Move or copy the 'AutoLogin_command' to the standard "addons" folder.
Now you can use "/camp charname" or "/logout charname" or "/camp charname server"
to switch to another character.
This includes account changes!


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