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May 27, 2017

Owner: Zeus16

Currently in Developement.


PyTemp_Tab_Template -> Tabs

PyTemp_PlusFrame_Template -> PlusFrame

PyTemp_List_Frame_Template -> Lists


PyTemp_Button_EditBox_Template -> EditBox with a button

PyTemp_Button_NumEditBox_Template -> Numeric EditBox with a button

PyTemp_Button_IDEditBox_Template -> ID EditBox with a Button

PyTemp_Button_PreviewEditBox_Template -> Preview EditBox with a button

PyTemp_2Button_EditBox_Template -> EditBox with 2 button

PyTemp_2Button_NumEditBox_Template -> Numeric EditBox with 2 button

PyTemp_Button_2NumEditBox_Template -> 2 Numeric EditBox with 1 button

PyTemp_2Button_PreviewNumEditBox_Template -> Preview EditBox with 2 button


PyTemp_EditBox_Template -> Edit Box

PyTemp_IDEditBox_Template -> ID Edit Box

PyTemp_PreviewEditBox_Template -> Preview Edit Box

PyTemp_NumEditBox_Template -> Numeric EditBox


PyTemp_HTEditBox_Template -> Highlight Edit box

PyTemp_HTIDEditBox_Template -> Highlight ID EditBox

PyTemp_HTPreviewEditBox_Template -> Highlight Preview EditBox

PyTemp_HTNumEditBox_Template -> Highlight Numeric EditBox


PyTemp_Layer_EditBox_Template -> Edit Box with Layer

PyTemp_Layer_IDEditBox_Template -> ID  Edit Box with Layer

PyTemp_Layer_PreviewEditBox_Template -> Preview  Edit Box with Layer

PyTemp_Layer_NumEditBox_Template -> Numeric  Edit Box with Layer


PyTemp_Layer_HTEditBox_Template -> Highlight  Edit Box with Layer

PyTemp_Layer_HTIDEditBox_Template ->Highlight   ID  Edit Box with Layer

PyTemp_Layer_HTPreviewEditBox_Template ->Highlight   Preview  Edit Box with Layer

PyTemp_Layer_HTNumEditBox_Template ->Highlight   Numeric  Edit Box with Layer


PyTemp_Layer_2IDEditBox_Template -> 2 ID EditBox with Layer

PyTemp_Layer_PreviewNumEditBox_Template -> Preview + Num EditBox with Layer

PyTemp_Layer_2NumEditBox_Template -> 2 NumEditbox with Layer


PyTemp_Check_Template -> CheckBox Template

PyTemp_CheckArrow_Template -> Check template

PyTemp_Button_Template -> Button Template


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