Tinker Tools (for Dimensions)

6,537 Downloads Last Updated: May 20, 2017 Game Version: 4.0

Tinker Tools is a complete overhaul of Dimension Tools.


  • Move, rotate and scale items in various modes with numeric input
  • Copy a group of items and paste an array of copies to build complex structures
  • Offset Calculator
    • Determine values to perfectly align building blocks
    • Automatically detect parameters
    • Conveniently transfer results to the Move or Copy&Paste tool
  • Save a set of items for later use or as backup and load them using items straight from your inventory
  • Tribal Magic lets you "fly" in your dimension (based on Magic Carpet)
  • Alfiebet creates words from building blocks with built-in fonts

Chat Commands:

  • "/tt config": Open settings dialog
  • "/tt help": Open the help window when not in a dimension
  • "/tt import_dt": Import saved sets from Dimension Tools (DT must be running for this)
  • "/tt force": Make Tinker Tools assume you are in a dimension even if your are not; resets on zone changes
  • "/tt reset": Reset UI positions to default values


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