Last Updated: Jan 20, 2017 Game Version: 2.3


Jun 11, 2011

Owner: Meiyiu


Update - 22/06/13 - Fixed error where addon would stop working when zoned into another zone or instance. Please redownload and update.

This is a remake of the original SlideDown addon in an attempt to learn Rift addon making.
The addon originally was not working and the project was unfinished in early 2011. I tried remaking the addon and added a couple of new functions that will expand over time or till a better cooldown tracking addon is made.

Meanwhile you can try this one out for your cooldown tracking needs ;)


- Basic ability cooldown tracking bar
- Can be moved by left clicking and dragging (position resets after reload, still need some time to solve this - variables saving issue I guess)

- Can be locked in place by: /slidedown pos x y (where x and y is a number between 0 and 1, for example /slidedown pos 0.5 0.8 , will lock the bar as shown below. You can experiment with it a bit)

- Color Change of the bar is possible by: /slidedown color x y z (where x y and z are LSL color codes that can be found here: link )

- Can be position vertically or horizontally by : /slidedown horiz x (where X is either true or false, false for having it vertical)

- Icon slide way can be changed by: /slidedown flipped x ( where x is either true or false)

- Lock position: /slidedown lock x - where x is either true or false.

- Hide frame and only show time: /slidedown trans x - where x is true or false.


- When alt tabbing out of the game, ability icons might be stuck on the bar sometimes, simply reload the ui to fix it.


-v1.1: Bar resetting after reload ui (thanks Aledrea!)
- v1.2: Error on zoning
- v1.3: icons being stuck
- v1.4: added new slash command to hide frame.


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