Safe's Raid Manager

77,934 Downloads Last Updated: Jul 26, 2012 Game Version: 1.9

Requires LibUnitChange

First public release of my Raid library. This is the core of what I use to code all my addons and thought it may be useful to fellow developers.

It will be improved upon if need be, but I want this to be as streamlined as possible.


Event.SafesRaidManager.Group.Join < Returns UnitID, GroupXX Specifier
Event.SafesRaidManager.Group.Leave < Returns UnitID, GroupXX Specifier
Event.SafesRaidManager.Group.Change < Returns UnitID, OldSpec, NewSpec
Event.SafesRaidManager.Player.Join < Returns Players UnitID
Event.SafesRaidManager.Player.Leave (Players is now solo)
Event.SafesRaidManager.Player.Ready < use this to wait for player details. (First Run)
Returns PlayerID {string}, PlayerDetails {table}
Event.SafesRaidManager.Pet.Add < Returns PetID {string}, OwnerID {string}
Event.SafesRaidManager.Pet.Remove < Returns PetID {string}, OwnerID {string}
Event.SafesRaidManager.Player.Pet.Add < Returns PetID {string}
Event.SafesRaidManager.Player.Pet.Remove < Returns nil


LibSRM.Group.Inspect(index) < Returns Specifier {string}, UnitID
LibSRM.Player.Grouped() < Returns True/False
LibSRM.Player.Ready() < Retruns True/False (details loaded)
LibSRM.Group.UnitExists(UnitID) < returns GroupXX Specifier if it exists, or nil
LibSRM.Group.PetExists(PetID) < returns GroupXX Specifier and OwnerID if exists, or nil
LibSRM.GroupCount() < returns 0 (ungrouped) or 2-20 if grouped.


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