Rusty's Action Bars

6,626 Downloads Last Updated: Nov 29, 2015 Game Version: 3.4

This is a fairly basic action bar addon.

The slash commands are "/rab" and "/rustactionbars".

You can create an arbitrary number of rectangular action bars with an arbitrary number of buttons on them. You can drag abilities and items onto the buttons. Clicking on them activates them. Right clicking or dragging an icon removes it from the bar.

You can drag a frame by left-click dragging the green button at the top-left of the frame. You can delete a frame by clicking the red button at the top-left of the frame, and then clicking "Delete" on the prompt.

Bars can be edited through a GUI configuration screen.

Type "/rab" without the quotation marks for a list of commands.

If you have a slow computer, and find that this addon has too much of an impact on performance (mouse over the computer icon on menu bar), you can increase the cooldown update timer period. The default value is 0.1. This is measured in seconds.


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