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- Removed some debug message spam

- Added Thalasite / Sarleaf nodes (EN only - other clients will need to edit these values)
- Editing local names of items should work better
- Added exclusions to artifact tracking
    - In ghostmode, right clicking the boxes will exclude any node where that node type has been seen
    - Can hide known common locations
- If you are getting errors, try using /resourcetracker saved

- Fixed an error when changing zones by running across a border

- Added a new slash command: /resourcetracker config - to open up the config screen
- Hopefully fixed some of the nil errors around Nodes.Rarity

- Fix for error when closing config screen

- Updated configuration screen
- Removed seperate language config + button
- On each gathering tab, each node has an edit button - left click to edit the text. Left click again to cancel, or right click to save the changes.
- Added in Artifact Ghostmode - lets put that saved artifact location data to use!
- Ghostmode will add in "ghost" artifact nodes - locations of artifacts you have either seen via the track potions, or have harvested from.
You can configure which nodes show up based on node type, or rarity you have harvested from the node.
See the various options on the Artifacts tab.
NOTE: This isnt 'exact' - it will take you to the 5m x 5m x 5m volume of space where you were standing when you harvest, or where you saw the artifact.

- *sigh* fixed a case problem

- Add missing LibInventory embedded library

- And some more fixes for non English languages. I think I need to redo/simplify how I handle non-English =)

- Fix for non English languages

- Track, and optionally color artifact directions with best artifact rarity harvested at location

- Only try and send updates to LibMapNotes, if LibMapNotes is installed!

- Seperated out the different artifacts types for tracking
- Clicking the UK flag in the top left corner opens a window for updating any/all names of nodes

- Added DE/FR/RU language support for Artifacts
    RU:    Артефакт, Искаженный артефакт or any gatherable with: Артефакт or артефакт in its name
    DE: Artefakt, Verdrehtes Artefakt or "Artifact"
    FR: Artefact, Artefact altéré or "Artefact"
- Using the mousewheel up/down on the minimap icon will toggle the display of everything else
- Added different icons for above/below (blue are above, red are below, green are +/- 3m of you)
- Added toggle for using 2D or 3D coords for distances
- Added toggle for display of elevation difference (centered on icon)
- Changed the icons for artifacts - normal are whitish, twisted are reddish, and unknown types (ie what the Fae Yule Artifacts would have appeared as) are greenish
- Bumped the max number of trackables to 24
- Corrected DE translation for Sunken Boat

- Made tracking text a little bit wider
- Added support for [Twisted] Artifacts
- Updated icon for Mahogany

- Added alternate (compact) display mode

- Added support for MapPOI to show nodes

- Added final missing French translation for Sunken Boat
- Redid the config screen to use a standard rift window.

- Updated some translations (DE/RU)
- Added visual indicator that you are missing a 'Track XXX' buff - if you have the ability and are trying to track something of that type.
- Added /resourcetracker reset - to reset all movable items to near the top left of the screen

- Updated some translations (DE/RU)
- Removed the 'New Node' message
- Added option for relative direction arrows instead of absolute

- Added Russian translations by Constantine Maron

- Conversion to 2.2 Event system
- Started tracking node locations on the assumption we can one day use them!

2.01r5 - Will now show the closest X nodes to you, rather than a random selection
- Can now hide the tracker in combat if needed
- German language update

2.01r4 - Added Fishing nodes
Removed possibility for invalid order function error
Reduced CPU load
Made number of nodes and time to fade configurable

2.01r3 - Added French/German translations
Fix for possible nil error

2.01r2 - Fixed layout issue with non-default sizes

2.01r1 - Initial release.