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Uploaded Nov 8, 2017
Game Version 4.0
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Made some UI improvements to look and feel.
Added slider to config menu for adjusting the add-on transparency. (use "/raredar config" to adjust)

Optimized and removed spam "Waypoint set at" messages.


Added some feature requests:
1. Multiple rare locations now displayed in a list (instead just the first location).
2. Locations can now be clicked to set a way point. (as proposed by LigH_de)


Added some more rare locations.


1. Added rare IDs.
2. Added Russian missing rare names.


1. Added achievements checking for all 3.0 and 4.0 rares
2. Added 4.0 rares, from my locations and Magelo.
3. Added translations for French, Deutsche, Russian for 4.0.
4. Fixed loading error on Russian client.
5. Fixed loading error of 3.0, 4.0 Achievements. (seems like 1.0, 2.0 achievements are loaded at start, but 3.0, 4.0 are loaded after launch. Bit inconsistent)


fixed a typo in V0.71 that was causing a Syntax Error.


Replaced the data file with a version by Gaeladria.


Added and corrected a few mob locations. Implemented informing other players when a mob is found.


Updated LibVersionCheck to 0.2 to prevent errors. Also, added french mob names, and the mapping of dendrome mobs to achievements.


Added locations in the Dendrome, assuming the PTS locations are the same as the real ones. French and Russian are still missing, expect them in a few days when there's a valid XML file on the trion FTP server.
RareDar will detect if someone you're grouping with has a newer version than you, and inform you about that when you next log in.


Fixed a lot of mob spawn positions in Brevane and Dusken, and added several locations in Iron Pine Peak.
Mobs can have comments now, which are shown when you approach their location. For example, if you approach the vengeful spirit in silverwood, you'll get a message that you have to look for the hidden crypt and damage it to make the spirit spawn.
All location and comment data is kept on the website http://riftrares.gbl-software.de, where you can download new data files faster than the addon itself updates. If you're knowledgeable about mobs, locations, and spawn events, you can help make raredar better by updating information there. Contact me at blohm@s.netic.de if you want to help. Translators to french and russian are needed especially.


Completely restructured the data file. Each mob has a "world name" and an "achievement name" now, with both names pulled from the Trion XML files, so targetting and detecting if you still need the mob are much more reliable now (think of mordant widow vs mordant queen, XT-300, Ghorgull, and a few others). This applies to ember isle as well, where the mob is named "Nereus" while the achievement is "Kill Nereus".
For Addons like TomTom, which rely on the old data format, a compatibility table is produced when the addon loads.
Also, the new data file makes locations consistend between languages, and allows for more than one location per mob. The locations are pretty much the same as in V0.31 at the moment, but checking and correcting them is the main change i'm planning for the next version.
"Rare found" popups now don't rely on the mob name anymore, but use the portrait - you'll get a popup for each mob that has the crystal in its portrait. This will give you popups even if the mob isn't in the database/the achievement list, which makes it easier to spot the hidden crypt in silverwood (vengeful spirit home), or the strange mound in droughtlands (scarab home).
The popup color changes with the achievement: mobs you've already killed will be shown in green now, mobs you still need for an achievement are red, and mobs that aren't in any achievement table are grey.
The "XXX might be close" message has been changed to "XXX (already killed)" for mobs you've ticked off in your achievement list.
And finally, i found the "infight" bug: if you went infight while dragging the raredar button, raredar started spitting errors. This should be fixed now.


corrected several mob locations (Kavenik, Naeus, Zhrale, Aiyra, Blorrt, Eye of Crucia, Stratos, Thome/Tricksy(german version only))
corrected the ID of the ember isle achievement that prevented "mob killed" info when you had more than 10 mobs
To improve the overall quality of the database, RareDar now logs the name, zone, and position of every rare you find. This information is not used yet, but i'll implement some way of sharing it back into the addon sometime later.
There seems to be a bug when you enter the range of a rare mob while in fight. I couldn't reproduce that bug yet, but as soon as i know what causes it, i'll fix it, so be prepared for V0.32 soon.


Added storm legion data file (from curse posters)
fixed the bug wit raredar crashing when a mob is found
fixed a few mob positions (mordant widow, ol' Barnacle)