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Sep 4, 2013

Owner: _ForgeUser10463459

Similar to KBM's Res Master it displays the important Raid Cooldowns of Bard, Archon, Beastmaster, Chloromancer and Tactician to allow better coordination and maximisation of DPS.

Slash Commands:
/rcd - will give you all slash commands
/rcd config - brings up the configuration window and the moveable anchor
/rcd scan - is a manual scan
/rcd cleartarget - will remove the frames of the person you have as target
/rcd freeze - will stop all automatic scans and clears until you deactivate it or restart the game

In favor of a clean layout I didn't make buttons but feel free to macro these commands.

There are four different buff groups, that are seperated graphically:
-Orchestra of Planes and Lava Field
-Flaring Power and Command to Attack
-Enrage (BM)
-Wild Growth and Power Core

-Wild Growth and Power Core rotate, with activated ones at the top and the ones with the highest cooldowns at the bottom
-for Flaring Power and Command to Attack both the debuff and the actual cooldown is taken into consideration
-there is an extra bar integrated into Lava Field for Heat Wave (Pyro-Archon), that resets Lava Field's cooldown (there might be unexpected behaviour when casting Lava Field before the previous runs out)

Scan mechanic:
At ready checks and combat starts the addon scans the raid mainly based on buffs and the role displayed in raid frame to setup the frames for available cooldowns. This is meant for raid situation, so don't expect it to do wonders in experts or open world.

-don't use your cooldown if there is another one of the same group already up
-if possible(!), try to stack as many cooldowns of different groups
-this also is the best time to activate personal cooldowns
-depending on boss mechanics you should think about when there is the highest need for damage and talk to other supports to coordinate


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