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by algritz Modified December 9th, 2011

Since, Rift isn't very good are remembering prices, I figure I'd share the add-on for the benefit of having a "Price list" that was available in game, not on some web site or excel spreedsheet if you used any.


  • Displays a list of items and their prices in a scrollable window, that can be shown via the "/prices" command

Installation Instructions

  • Download the addon
  • Open Rift
  • From character select, click the "Addons" button at the bottom
  • Click the "Open Addon Directory" button
  • Wait for the directory to open up
  • Put the Prices folder into that directory
  • Return to Rift
  • Click "Refresh"
  • Play the game!


In order to update the values displayed in game, you need to edit the "prices.lua" file in your saved variable. format is :

item_prices = { { { "item name # 1", "price #1" }, { "item name 2", "price # 2" } }}

As long as this format is preserved, the addon will be able to display the list and its associated values

  • values are loaded only at login time. So it you need fresh values, logout, overwrite the content, then log back in.

To diplay the list in game type the "/Prices" command

Thanks To

  • Noax, your saved variable tutorial helped me a lot in this project
  • Trion (ZorbaTHut)


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