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The well-known RaidFinder addon, created by Vexxx is outdated and he is not playing and not looking to back. Then I decided to update it! So far I added the new raids (ROF, MS, TF and the upcoming HK) and changed the way Experienced is shown.

Vexxx is aware of this update. He authorized me to update it.

Below is the old description, just a CTRL+C/ CTRL+V with some changes:

Choose whether you're looking for a group, or looking for more. RaidFinder Broadcasts your message across the cluster through the popular CrossEvents channels.

Browse through available Raid listings. Sort or Filter by:

  • Leader Name
  • Type of raid
  • Loot type
  • Roles needed

Browse through the player listings and invite players to your raid. Can sort or filter by things such as:

  • Class
  • Roles
  • Achivements (Adds achieves from ALL your characters = alt friendly)
  • Hit
  • Raid type
  • Name
  • Friends list

Manage the status of invites/joining

As a Raid leader:

  • Manage your applicants
  • Send out invites with the click of a button
  • All without getting flooded by whispers

As a Player:

  • Apply for multiple raids.
  • View raids who want to invite you and choose the one that's best for you
  • No whispers needed to get an invite
  • You can choose to be notified via chat messages or button/screen flashing if there is a status update to see or if a raid forms that you want to join.


  • In this new version, the experience is shown in 4 ways: T1, T2, RC and CQ (going to add HM too). Where T1 means Tier 1 experience. Going from 0 to 11. If someone has T1: 11, it means he killed all the 11 bosses from Tier 1 Raids.
  • RC means Completed Raids. Going from 0 to 3 at this moment (ROF, MS, TF). A player get +1 in RC by killing all bosses from a Raid. If someone has RC: 3, it means he finished all 3 Raids.
  • CQ: No, it's not Conquest. It is Conquerors. You get +1 in CQ if you get the Conqueror Achievement for a Raid. From 0 to 3 at this moment.
  • HM: Hard modes.. To do yet !

Also, Invitations/Accepting will not work in combat due to API restrictions. The button will not be visible but if you do somehow click it, it will give you an error (just disregard). However you can still Post and look for raids in combat.

Think of it as an "Auction House" for finding raids. Tell everyone you know about RaidFinder, Tell me what doesn't work. See Instructions tab inside the addon for detailed How-To documentation.


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