12,107 Downloads Last Updated: Nov 5, 2013 Game Version: 2.4

A simple addon to allow you to summon a random mount or random pet with a click of the button.  It is not tied to a specific group of mounts or pets and you may enter any and all mounts and pets you currently have.  I did this so when new mounts/pets are added to the game, you are not stuck waiting for a new release.

When the addon loads, you will see two new buttons on your screen and can perform the following actions:

1) Right Click either button to open config panel
3) Right Mouse Drag to move the buttons anywhere on the screen (make sure buttons are not locked in config panel).
3) Left Click either button to summon a random mount/pet

Config Panel has the following:
General Tab - allow you to select general options for the addon
Mount Tab - A list of mounts you've added and information about each mount.
Pet Tab - A list of Pets you've added and information about each pet.

When first loading the addon, you will need to fill your mount list and pet list.  This is now done by simply dragging and dropping the mount/pet from your corresponding mount/companion tab.  When you drop the mount/pet in the drag/drop window it will display information about that mount/pet as well as add it to your list.  To delete a mount/pet from the list, simply highlight the mount or pet and select the delete button.

NEW: Each pet/mount has a category behind the scenes.  Trion is having difficulty making sure that new pets/mounts are categorized properly.  This will cause a problem when trying to add them to the addon's lists.  Before, I was adding a filter for known mounts, but it seems Trion isn't trying to fix the issue, so I decided to go in a different direction.  Now when you add a pet/mount that is not categorized properly, the addon will prompt you to override the filter and add it anyway.  For example, Snagletooth, is not categorized as a pet or companion.  It is categorized as misc other.  Unfortunately this approach will allow you to override pretty much anything... So you can add a helmet to the mounts, a sword to the pets, etc.  It won't cause an error, but it will prevent the addon from working the way you expect it.

The general tab now has a few more options.  One is to display the mount/pet icon on the interface.  Hovering over the mount/pet interface will also present a tooltip with the summoned mount/pet.  Another option is to allow duplicate mounts/pets.  Along with duplicate mounts/pets, I've added a feature to force unique summon for mounts/pets.  This will insure the addon loops through the entire list of mounts/pets before repeating.

Known Issues:
The API does not allow inspection of current mount status.  It is possible for the addon's mount messages to get out of sink depending on how you dismount or are dismounted.  If this happens, use the addon to summon mount.  Once summoned, manually dismount and the addon should be back in synch.  For that reason, you can turn off mount messages on the general tab.  If functionality is every added to allow us to see mounted status, this bug will be fixed.

Donations of plat to Gralli@Faeblight welcome!

Big thanks to Pyroluna and The Hammerfist Clan Rift Team: (
Also, thanks to Doxxx for libSimpleWidgets!
Adelea for the drag/drop functionality.  Makes it much more user friendly.


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