4,786 Downloads Last Updated: Nov 28, 2015 Game Version: 3.4

NOTE: I am not the author of this addon, but I have permission from him to upload and maintain it on Curse. If you require support or to get in touch with the author, you can do so on the RiftUI page for Merisioux. The rest of this description is copy/pasted from the original.

This addon lets you enter description, biography, and various roleplaying-related flags to your characters; other people running this addon (or a compatible addon, if anyone writes one) can then see these values. (WoW players: Think flagRSP or ImmersionRP or whatever.)

Right now, the prefix/override/suffix/title things, the "currently" field, and the description show up in tooltips, and there are tags in the tooltip for whether you have bio and meta tags defined, as well as a list of flags you've suggested. Basically, if you edit your data, and then click "save", your character will show that data to other players who run the addon. If you target someone, and they have data, there will be an "RP" button near their frame. You can move this with the slash command, if you don't like the default placement.

To use:
/meri -h --> newbie help
/meri -v -> display version
/meri -e --> edit your own data
/meri <name> --> look at <name>'s data
/meri --> look at your target's data
/meri -f --> list flags
/meri -c flags --> clear flags
/meri -s flags --> set flags
/meri -l --> list players
/meri -L <flags> --> list players matching flags
/meri -b --> toggle the RP button
/meri -t --> toggle the tooltip
/meri -B CENTER -X 25 -Y 60 => move button to +25 x, +60 y, from the center of the portrait bar.
/meri -S <field> <value> => set field to value
/meri -C <text> => set "currently" to the given text.
/meri -n <player> <note> => add note for player

The new -c/-s options allow you to change flags using a slash command, so you can create a macro that could, for instance, toggle your in-character state.

Changing target with the window open will show the new target's data if the new target has data and you do not have unsaved data.

NEW: LFRP feature. To enable:
1. Use /meri -r. Set the flags you want people to have for you to RP with them, or that you want to exclude. Click "ENABLE" if it's not already clicked. You can also click the LFRP button on the main window.
2. Add at least one channel to broadcast queries on: /meri -R [channel name]
3. Hit the ping button, get a list of people on that channel with the LFRP feature enabled who match your flags. Names will bring up their bios.

LICENSING NOTE: I am too lazy to maintain listings for this addon on multiple sites, but do note that the license terms are intended to permit copying and derived works. In particular, I explicitly permit people to upload copies of this to other addon sites if they wish to.