Mere Healing Frames

13,999 Downloads Last Updated: Oct 12, 2015 Game Version: 3.4

The frames are now at the point they're configurable by others (I won't say easy to configure :)

There's config UI available by running:
/mhf config
to bring up the config dialog.

Basic buff tracking is in (stacks and timers should work) The buff/debuff lists are a priority ordered list. IE the first buff will be shown that is active from the list.

The Buff Slots are harder to explain, currently slots 1 is Top Right, then slot 5 is on the left. Eventually you'll be able to map icons to any buff slot you want. EG the tank frame is larger, and you can fit some more buff icons, then you can configure them as higher slots.

The frames support multiple layouts, along with many filter options, you can create frames that a filter based on:

  • calling (warrior, rogue, mage, cleric)
  • role (dps, tank, support, healer)
  • grouping (group 1-4)

Spell sets can be created for each spec, or shared between specs. (this functionality needs adding to the layouts as well)

To move a layout around you should be able to drag it's border to place it in a new location.

To enable debug spam run:
/mhf debug -l 5
This will enable some spammy tracing. Note this setting isn't saved.

Spells are configured using:
/mhf spell
more help can be seen with:
/mhf spell -?
Known options:

-l (--list): list current spell settings
-b (--button): mouse button (left, right, middle, four, five, up, down) (string)
-m (--modifier): modifier to apply (alt, shift, ctrl) (string)
-s (--spell): spellname (string)
-t (--target): target
-c (--custom): custom, not yet implemented (string)
-r (--reset): resets all mouse bindings
--mere: Setup Mere's test spells

To reconfigure current spells for your current spec, you can create a macro that contains the desired entries, and use it for reconfiguring spells, eg:

/mhf spell --reset
/mhf spell -b left -s "Healing Spray"
/mhf spell -b left -m ctrl -s "Healing Breath"
/mhf spell -b right -s "Restorative Flame"
/mhf spell -b right -m ctrl -s "Healing Grace"
/mhf spell -b middle -s "Cauterize"
/mhf spell -b four -s "Ward of the Ancestors"
/mhf spell -b five -s "Searing Transfusion" 
/mhf spell -b up -s "Latent Blaze"
/mhf spell -b down -s "Sterilize"

Adding -n "set name" will update the specified spell set. (the set needs creating through the config UI)

Colours can be reconfigured with (eventually I'll put a UI on this):
/mhf colours -?
Note that the colour names may not mean much without looking at the code.

Thanks also to the makers of the following libraries:
All of which I embed for functionality.