LifeBinder (Beta)

Last Updated: Apr 26, 2012 Game Version: 1.8


Apr 7, 2012

Owner: rompapakko

LifeBinder is a raid frames addon for healers
It's code with performance and personalization in mind, but we are in a beta stage so it's not fully complete
This addon is a raid ui replacement that enables you to:
-Heal with mouseclicks,
-Use @mouseover macros (not @mouseoverui)
-Show selected buffs on units (like hots and other specific buffs)
-Filter debuffs with a priority/blocking system
-Record debuffs to add them later into the lists
and more
To show the configuration window  write:
/lb config
To lock or unlock the addon in place:
/lb lock
/lb unlock
To completely disable the addon (requires a reloadui)
/lb disable
To re-enable the addon (requires a reloadui)
/lb enable


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