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Jun 12, 2011

Owner: Terrasque


This is a simple timer implentation for Rift addons to use.

As jnwhiteh have pointed out, this is technically not the most optimum way of doing it,but it is simple, and it is also pretty fast. Fast enough for the majority of practical uses.

The main problems will be with extremely many and/or very small repeating timers, as it has to update the timers index every time a timer is added or removed.

In those cases you'd probably be better of writing your own custom timer, anyway.


(params marked with * are optional)

timer_reference = StartTimer(seconds, callback, data*, repeating*)
Creates a timer, which will run when "seconds" value of time has passed.
seconds - Seconds until the timer is run. Can be fractional numbers.
callback - The callback function to run when the timer is up
data - (Optional) Data to send to the callback
repeating - (Optional) If the timer shall be repeating
Function returns a reference to the timer created
Will stop an existing timer.
timer_reference - The reference of the timer you want to stop
Will set the level of debug messages that will be shown.
int - Value from 0 to 10. 0 means no messages (default), 10 means a lot of messages.


Very basic example

	function myFunc()
		print("This is a delayed function")

	StartTimer(10, myFunc)

Sending data to callback

	function myFunc(v)
		print("This function was called with "..v)

	StartTimer(10, myFunc, "The Power of Time!")

Repeating timer

	function myFunc()
		print("I rise! ..again")

	wicked = StartTimer(10, myFunc, nil, 1)

Stop that repeating timer



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