KBM: AddWatch

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What is KBM Add Watch

This Plug-In provides King Boss Mods a way to automatically see mini frames and cast bars for all hostile NPCs currently targeted by yourself and any Raid or Group member you're currently with. You will need at least King Boss Mods v1.5.1 in order to use this Plug-In.


  • Download the zip file.
  • Extract, and copy the containing folder to your Add-Ons directory. (As a normal addon)
  • Note: Do not install in the King Boss Mods folder.

How it Works

  • New! Rare Mobs will now display the appropriate diamond on the Add-Watch unit frame.
  • New! Display new units above or below the anchor point (Cascade/Climb).
  • New! Lock your current target or focus to the top/bottom of the unit frames.
  • Optional display of a Units power/energy/mana bar.
  • Optional display of Unit level, including red helm for level ?? mobs.
  • If levels are displayed, the Units group difficulty will be displayed. (Elite/Normal)
  • If levels are displayed, the level number will be colored to represent the XP reward of the Unit. (Grey, Green, Yellow, Orange, Red)
  • Moving the mouse over the "targeted by" number will list all Raid/Party members who are currently targeting that unit directly.
  • Listed units will now display the number of Raid/Group members who are currently targeting it, represented by [x] after percentage.
  • Marked units are now indicated with their Rift mark icon before its name.
  • When a Raid or group member targets a hostile NPC, that unit will become visible to you at the anchor you've positioned, or underneath any existing visible units already being displayed there.
  • Will show your focus and current target in the same list as other raid members.
  • Units targeted by multiple people will only ever appear once in the NPC list.

What it cannot do

  • Due to API limitations there is no way for you to interact (select that NPC) via the NPC list. However, KBM: Mark-It does allow for this with a separate design approach and methodology.


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