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I no longer play so won't be updating this. If anyone wants to make use of this and change stuff, please go ahead.

A tracker to let you watch buffs on units other than yourself, your target and your focus. It's intended to complement KaruulAlert for the few specs which benefit from it, such as tracking stacking HoTs or DoTs on multiple foes at once. It uses a config interface which was just a little inspired by KAlert's.

I decided it would be nice to be able watch buffs on all party or raid members at once. At that time I didn't know about the various addons which were capable of doing this, so I went and wrote my own. This contains more features than any of the other addons I know which are designed to track buffs on group members. It will also pick up buffs on hostile targets, though it may not always be able to retrieve the name of the caster.

I originally wrote this for my own use and slowly added stuff to it, which is why it's become a little bit on the messy side in places.

"/gbt" will display the configuration UI.

"/gbt setpos" will allow you to move the place the icons appear around.


Once in the UI, the first thing to do to set up a new track is to enter the ability name at the very top. Entering it with the correct case (capitalisation) may help. If the text goes green and the ability icon appears then it went well, if not then you will need to find someone using the ability and try again then. It is capable of searching KaruulAlert data if you use that.

The other options should be mostly self explanatory. "Buff track mode" will track all buffs with the same name as the ability - otherwise it will track only when the API indicates the ability caused the buff. This tick is required for some tracks to work, the most likely one being Divine Favor.

Increasing the icon size to at least 35 is recommended for tracking buff times and/or stacks. The text scales with the icon, and can be modified with the box shown.

If the caster is unknown, they will be displayed as "???". The API still seems to be able to get whether or not they are friendly or hostile though, so "ignore if caster is hostile" will work in PvP if the caster isn't being targeted by anyone.

The sets are broken down by role number. There is a set (to the left of role 1) which will be used in addition to the normal role set, though the role numbered set will override the general set if the same ability is listed twice.


This isn't a huge project, and I don't have any plans to expand it. There are quite a few things this currently can't do.

  • Display anything about pets specifically. It may work sometimes, other times it may not. I don't entirely understand how the API deals with them.
  • It can't track buffs which are not tied to a specific ability such as purifier's Burnout.
  • There is no scrollbar support for the track list if you ever find yourself using that many for some reason.

Known issues

None right now.


10/10/15 - v0.11

  • Fixed error when chat notifications are enabled and the target or caster are hostile.
  • "Ignore if target is hostile" now works.
  • Made less assumptions about the KAlert data structures which should hopefully avoid some errors.
  • Made it refuse to touch data files created by newer versions to avoid breaking things.
  • The disable option now works.


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