Dimension Tools

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Dimension Tools

This is an addon to provide you with extra tools to aid you in the building of your dimensions.


  • Move, Rotate and Scale Tools.
    • Move items by typing in numbers for the X, Y and Z axis, either relative or absolute.
    • Rotate items by typing in numbers for the Yaw, Pitch and Roll, either relative or absolute.
    • Scale items by typing in numbers for the Scale, either relative or absolute.
  • Copy & Paste Tool.
    • Copy an item and paste those stats to any other item in your dimension.
    • Copy an item in your dimension and paste multiple copies of that item in your dimension from your bags or bank.
    • Use the offset multiple items to align the items you paste.
  • Save & Load item sets.
    • Save your selected items as a set to load another copy in your dimension or place the same thing in other dimensions.
    • Load a set using item(s) from your bags.
    • Load multiple copies of your set at once using an offset on the X, Y, or Z axis using items from your bags.
    • Choose between default sets or own saved sets to load. Default sets are extra tools created to make it easier to build specific shapes.
  • Import & Export Tool.
    • Export sets you made to a file for easy sharing with your friends.
    • Import sets from a file given to you by friends and place them in your saved sets for use in your dimensions.
  • Tribal Magic.
    • Tribal Magic is a tool that allows you to fly around in your dimensions


  • Type "/DT" in the chat window to open/close Dimension Tools
  • Type "/DT Reset" in the chat window to reset all Dimension Tools windows to their default locations
  • An Help menu on how to use the addon is provided by pressing the "?" button on the main addon window

Special Thanks:

  • Arkzy programmer of Dimension Toolbox for making such a great add on that this add on has been inspired by.
  • AladdinRift, for letting me use his code from Magic Carpet to integrate it into Dimension Tools.
  • Rift Dream Dimensions team, for testing and evolving this addon.

Basic Guides For Dimension Tools:

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