Choco's Cooldowns

15,289 Downloads Last Updated: May 19, 2016 Game Version: 3.4


  • Support Cooldown Tracker - Tracks all damage-increasing cooldowns provided by Support souls.
  • Heal Cooldown Tracker - Tracks most healing, shielding, mitigation and death deferral cooldowns provided by Heal souls.
  • Tank Cooldown Tracker - Tracks most healing, shielding, mitigation and death deferral cooldowns provided by Tank souls.
  • Buff Tracker - Tracks most raid buffs, raid debuffs, personal consumables and personal enchants. Also, notifies you of missing Support roles in your raid.
  • Crit Pot Tracker - Tracks personal Phenomenal and Illustrious crit pots.
  • Rez Tracker - Tracks all combat resurrection abilities. Includes a "heal tracking" option that allows you to track abilities from non-CCD users.
  • Cast Bars - Tracks casts from you, your target, your target's target and your focus.
  • Importer - Allows you to easily copy settings and layouts across toons.
  • Fully customizable text, backgrounds, bars and alerts - all of which can be linked together for a perfectly aligned layout.
  • Automatic Wild Growth charge drain buff removal.
  • CPU Tracker - Tracks the three most CPU-intensive processes of CCD.
  • Inter-addon Communication - The more CCD users in your group, the more efficient the addon will be.

Quick Start Guide

  1. After downloading and installing the addon find the CCD button on your screen. Left-click the button to unlock frames and begin editing your layout. Right-click a frame to see its options and left-click + drag to move it.
  2. Right-click the CCD button to bring up the main menu which is then used to bring up the CCD Window.
  3. After adjusting your layout for one character, use the CCD Importer to quickly copy that layout to your other characters quickly. You will need to relog or reload ui to complete the import.
  4. Enter /ccd print or /ccd help to see the list of slash commands.

Known Issues

  • If Wild Growth is cast with only 10 charge such that it cancelled immediately, CCD cannot track that it has been cast. This is not an issue if the caster uses CCD 3.6+.
  • If Lava Field is dropped at the same time as Orchestra, the Lava Field alert and bar may not show that it has been used. This is not an issue if the caster used CCD 3.6+.
  • CCD is currently only guaranteed to work with the NA client. The most likely issue may be cooldowns not being removed on role swap due to the "Changing Role" cast not being translated.

Bug Reporting/Feedback

If you find a bug please report it using Curse's Ticket System. For general feedback you can PM me on the RIFT forums or post in this thread. You may also contact me directly in game on:

  • Lavernagain@Hailol
  • Chocolatebear@Hailol
  • Pancakedrawer@Hailol
  • Knifewrench@Hailol


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