Last Updated: Jan 20, 2017 Game Version: 1.3


Jun 8, 2011

Owner: sanktanglia

As of the recent PTS update, this addon no longer works :( Apparenttly they werent sure if they wanted to expose the ability member of buffs yet, so heres hoping they will, or at least add the data im exposing in

Provides extra info about buffs from the data given by trion. It achieves this by using an externally generated table of data made from the info dump from trion. To use the new functionality, simply look at these new keys in the data provided by Inspect.Buff.Detail .This addon hooks it and injects its data into the return. It also provides a slash command /disablebuffhook to disable the hook

Extra data Includes:
description: description of the spell
cost: mana cost of the spell
cooldown: cooldown of the spell in seconds
duration: duration of the spell in seconds(more correct than given duration by api)
requiredLevel: level required for this spell
rank: the rank of the spell
casttime: the time to cast the spell
range: the range of the spell
pointcost: the number of combo points it costs


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