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This addon shows you who in your party/raid has got vials/planar charges/food/fully buffed etc. The aim is to make it easy for people who want to get max performance from their group to see if their group is fully ready for the next boss fight.

It is intended to show you the group or raids health/mana status as well as the status of various buffs. The idea is raid/group leaders will be able to visually see if the raid/group is at full health/mana and things like if people are AFK, offline, the groups cumulative vitality, planar charges etc.

As I expand what the addon can do I hope to be able to show more things ideally I'd love to be able to show buff classes and display to show you that everyone is fully buffed up with all the available buffs. However at present the API from Trion doesn't permit the necessary things like checking someone's abiltiy to buff a particular type of buff. So at present all it can do is assume you have all the buffs available and so it may show you buffs missing that no one can actually buff due to your raid/group composition.

Note that by default some features are hidden, but will appear/disappear if you click on the +/- button next to the title on the bar. The idea is that you can minimise the display when you aren't using it. I've also set the default for now to show someone as not buffed if their buff has less than 5 minutes remaining the idea being that if you are about to start a boss fight then it is quite likely that their buff will run out before the end of the fight.

It now shows buff checks so you can see if your group has the standard buffs (endurance, strength, intelligence, wisdom, dexterity) as well as having vial buffs. Please note it cannot yet check if its possible to cast a particular spell so at present it shows if everyone is buffed it doesn't show as ok if you cannot buff that spell. eg: if you group has no members that can buff dexterity then it still show the bar as everyone is missing the buff, even though no-one can cast it. Later versions will hopefully take account of whether someone can cast the spell.

Version 0.50 adds the ability to disable the addon during combat so that health/mana etc changes aren't being tracked and distracting you.

Please feel free to leave comments on possible extensions of this addon, and things you'd like to see. Please be aware however that LOTS of things simply aren't possible unless Trion specifically adds that feature to the addon API.

If you spot bugs please DO NOT report them HERE. Please PLEASE use the ticket tracker instead.

To Configure

To move the position of the window simply drag the window around by clicking on the title bar. Note that the Health & Mana bars can be collapsed if you don't want to see the role breakdowns.

Use /br to see other commands.


To install simply click the addons button on your character selection screen and click open addon directory button. You can then unzip the download from Curse to this addon directory. ie: Put the folder that is in the zip file NOT the zip file it's self into the addon directory folder. So you end up with a "BossReady" folder inside your addon directory folder. Once you do that click the refresh button and if you have done it right the addon will show up. Ensure its ticked and you can login as usual with the addon enabled.

Alternatively install the Curse Client and add Rift as a game then you can download and install lots of addons and get notified whenever a new version comes out and have it automatically updated for you.


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