Book of the Fallen Reborn

Last Updated: Jan 20, 2017 Game Version: 2.3


Feb 11, 2013

Owner: _ForgeUser1052805

Bringing it back!
All credit for this addon goes to nerfedwar who is no longer playing Rift, and released this addon to whoever wanted to keep it up and running. I got several requests to do so, so here it is!

PVE Note
The PVE score only counts boss type mobs.

Upgrading from previous versions
Make sure you do a /botfreset if you are upgrading from a previous version, otherwise the addon will behave very strangely.
Future versions will not require a reset.

Extract the zip into your Rift addons folder. After you enter the game you will see a small book of the fallen icon in the top left hand corner of the screen. Drag the icon wherever you like and click on it to open and close the book. Have fun.

If you have problems and/or want to reset things, you can type: /botfreset

Score Calculation
For each kill you can obtain points in the following categories:

  • Solo Kill
  • KillingBlow
  • Damage Assist
  • Distract Assist
  • Heal Assist

providing up to 5 points for a completely unassisted solo kill.

Statistics are provided on a lifetime and session basis, as a total and broken down per enemy encountered.

Kill Alerts
Whenever you kill something (or something kills you) an alert is displayed on the screen. You can disable these alerts by unchecking the appropriate option on the 'Home' page of the Book.


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