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    Beta 0.5.122 (odine)
- Fixed bug when version checking sometimes occured more often than it should, also made some minor adjustsments to allow for the below addition!
- Addon messaging now relays your class throughout guild members, which will only be used to add new features in the new feature.

    Beta 0.5.121 (odine)
- Testing experimental but safe code to try to get a workaround not being able to get class info from API. its just gathers guildies classes
- fix a couple spelling typos

    Beta 0.4.119 (Baanano)
- Events can be restricted by level and/or squad
- Officers can sign & unsign other members to events
- Officers can flag members who have joined events as Accepted or Rejected
- Officers can now assign squads to players who aren't in the guild
- Officers can now reassign and unassign squads to members, even when they've joined an event

    Beta 0.3.118 (Odine)
- removed some older debug print statements
- added french locale (Thank You, if you want a mention by alias let me know)

    Beta 0.3.117 (Baanano)
- fixed bug in LibGSM that would sometimes cause related events to not fire

    Beta 0.3.114 (Baanano + odine)
- fixed bug with memberData
- added russion locale big thank you goes out to Иван Бакуров for doing the work!!!

    Beta 0.3.106 (odine)
- Added public access for Events to Public.*

    Beta 0.2.105 (Baanano)
- Externalized LibGSM

    Beta 0.2.98 (Baanano)
- Added maintenance screen under the config tab
- Removed /biscal reset

    Beta 0.2.96 (odine)
- added crafting rifts to misc section
- updated english localization for some additional localizations added
- fixed possible issue that could have been interrupting version checking

    Beta 0.2.94 (Baanano)
- Plugin loader errors are shown now to ease debugging    

    Beta 0.2.89 (Baanano)
- Fixed bug that prevented editing / deleting own events when you hadn't the Wall Delete permission
- Added support for plugins    

    Beta 0.2.82 (Odine)
- Fixed bug allowing non assigned members to create events, but not delete them (can no longer create an event if unassigned)

    Alpha 0.2.77 (Baanano)
- Added dirty /biscal reset command so guilds can uninstall BiSCal stuff from their guild storage.    

    Alpha 0.1.72 (Baanano)
- Finished Guild storage monitor, and applied to files using guild storage
- Fixed bug that posted event descriptions to the Wall even when the event couldn't be created
- Updated Spanish localization

    Alpha 0.1.70 (Baanano)
- Started Guild storage monitor (not yet completed)

    Alpha 0.1.65 (odine)
- Guild options will be "greyed out" if you are not an officer making it obvious you cant modify anything in that area

    Alpha 0.1.64 (Baanano)
- Made selected rows on datagrids brighter
- Fixed bug that prevented SquadID 44 from being assigned
- Reworked event categories and subcategories sorting so new ones can be added on top when new content is released without disrupting old events

    Alpha 0.1.62 (Baanano)
- Added "Batch assign" and "Reset squad" features under the Squads tab.

    Alpha 0.6.56 (Baanano + odine)
- added standby, join, and decline options to squad signups (baanano)
- finished localization on all rift events (all thats left localization wise ATM is the squad stuff ill finish that ASAP)
- removed need for SafesUnitLib. VersionCheck.lua is completely self sufficient!

    Alpha 0.6.30 (odine)
- added announce to general counsel that addon is loaded and also displays version
- some minor adjustments to tweak version check code

    Alpha 0.6.29 (odine)
- added version checking system to make other users of this addon aware there version maybe out of date (functional but not completed)
- added a 4th version to .toc Version =.. last one will be for revision which we will base off our svn revisions. this helps with the version checking system
- added Modules folder, this is more than likely temporary, but the way the versioncheck works currently it needs to be its own addon (again temporary. gimme slack nitpicker ;))
- much optimization needed still.. considering dropping it as a module, getting revision via cf instead.. but it works for the time being.. ill continue to fix throughout today!

    Alpha 0.0.6 (Baanano + odine)
- Whole addon is localization ready, except event types
- Extracted event definitions to a separate file and added squads and themes
- Update list of event types available. All chocolate rift events should be listed. Still need to add All dungeons though!
- Added guild settings manager
- Guild options frame
 * Option to post events to wall or not
 * Option to limit storage usage
 * Squad icons can be configured
 - WIP but should be functional version check in place with localization already done for it. it needs to be a recoded a bit but almost done.
 - Added Storm Legion Expert Dungeon events (will replace icons soon)
 - Added compression & smaller dataformat
 - Added standby + decline options (not added to the interface yet)
    Alpha 0.0.5 (Baanano)
- Extracted dialogs & custom grid cells from CalendarTab to separate files
- Players can now modify/delete their own events even when they don't have the Wall Delete permission    
- The whole Calendar Tab is localization ready
    Alpha 0.0.4 (Baanano)
- Moved ScrollableText & Calendar controls to Yague
- The Calendar now uses clock / first weekday / language settings

    Alpha 0.0.3 (Baanano)
- Added support for localization
- Option to change language and to set whether the week starts on Monday or Sunday (not fully implemented yet)
- The addon now tracks level and officer notes for guildies
- Added partial Spanish localization

    Alpha 0.0.2 (odine)
- Config tab
- Option to use a 12 hours or a 24 hours clock (not fully implemented yet)
- Added more squad icons and event types
- Fixed the assign dropdown so it doesn't unfold behind the grid
    Alpha 0.0.1 (Baanano)
- First version

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