Steam Deck Essentials (All Handhelds)


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What Does This Mod Do?

- Enhances the games anti-aliasing (TSR, TAA, & FXAA)

- Enhances some post-processing effects (like motion blur, don't worry it doesn't turn it on)

- Adds a Cartoon artstyle to the game (this improves performance but also allows you to enjoy the game in a different way, good if you like Pokemon)

- Adds performance presets to the game that reduces certain graphical settings further than what the game allows (this allows you to target higher framerates like 40-50fps if you'd rather have that over visual fidelity)

- Reduces stuttering & improves frametimes by pacing the textures better for HDD/SD cards




1. Put one of the presets inside of "Engine.ini" in your games Engine.ini folder & click overwrite

2. Put the "~mods" folder inside the Paks folder located at your games directory

FSR2 - Experimental

3. IF using upscaling have TAA selected as the AA option in game BEFORE installing the mod

4. Put the files inside "Game Directory" inside your games directory where your exe is at (not Palworld.exe, but Palworld-Win64-Shipping.exe)

5. Add this launch option to your game via Steam:

SteamOS: DXVK_CONFIG="dxgi.customVendorId = 10de" PROTON_ENABLE_NVAPI=1 %command% -dx12

Windows: -dx12

6. EnableSingatureOverride.reg

Windows: Run EnableSingatureOverride.reg

SteamOS: Launch Protontricks > Select Palworld >  Select the default wineprefix > Run regedit > Click on "Registry" from the top left > Select "Import Registry File" > Select "EnableSingatureOverride.reg"

Engine.ini Location


Pak Locations


Video Installation Guide


Game Settings

View Distance: Lower view distance = sharper higher res textures. Higher view distance = more distant objects are loaded but textures get blurrier & blurrier. pick your poison, I personally prefer Low

Motion Blur: It will help your framerate feel higher since it smooths out the choppiness. Subjective

Other Settings: Low or Medium


Additional Tips & Info

Palworld: Optimized Settings

How to get Vortex on SteamOS

I recommend you setup CryoUtilities & set your VRAM to 4gb, it can give you FPS gains. A tutorial can be found here

You may also enable FSR1/RSR via drivers or gamescope since this game doesn't support upscaling. This will improve FPS a lot too


Supported & Recommended Devices / Hardware

- Steam Deck
- ROG Ally
- Legion Go
- AyaNeo
- GPD Win
- PCs using Hard Drives
- CPUs with 4 cores or less
- GPUs with 6gb VRAM or less
- GPUs equivalent or weaker than the RX 6600 XT / RTX 4060
- CPUs equivalent or weaker than the R5 5600 / R9 3950X / i3-10105F



Q: Does this work with achievements?
A: Yes

Q: What is your socials or other mods?

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