Overworld Pal Spawn Randomizer

You know how every time you start a new world, you start out by capturing Lamballs? This aims to fix that.

This is a tool that will allow you to randomize the overworld pal spawns in your world. 

If you don't mind downloading pre-generated spawns, RandomSeed1-5.zip all contain mods that will rearrange your overworld pal spawns in different ways. Just extract them into your Paks folder.

If you want to generate your own unique overworld spawns, download the source code from the GitHub link and run Randomize.py (you will need Python installed). It will generate a Random_P folder, which you can then pack using UnrealPak to yield your own unique mod.

v03: Adds boss spawns to randomization. (Note that previously randomized overworld spawns are the same.)
v02: Fixes crashes in v01 when loading dungeons and sanctuaries.
v01: Randomizes only overworld base spawns.