A very simple mod to disable the HUD in Palworld, for anyone like me who wants to take pretty pictures without UI everywhere.

Before / After Comparison Gif

This mod is made for the Unreal Engine 4/5 Scripting System and was tested with the Steam version of Palworld. Extract the xinput version of the scripting system to /Palworld/Pal/Binaries/Win64/ (as described in their documentation) to get started. Once extracted, open the UE4SS-settings.ini file and set bUseUObjectArrayCache to false, as this seem to cause instability when loading a world.

Extract the mod to /Palworld/Pal/Binaries/Win64/Mods/.

Press F9 while in-game to toggle the HUD. Please note that some game functionality is unavailable while the HUD is hidden.
You can change the toggle key in the main.lua file.

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