Save And Teleport (SAT)

You can save ur locations by pressing Shift+(F1,F2 or F3) and then teleport back to it using ALT+(F1,F2 or F3) (you can change all the KeyBinds or add more locations in SaveAndTeleport\Scripts\configs.lua)

all locations will be saved inside the mod folder in a text file named "saved_locations.txt"
  • This mod works in both SP/MP(dedicated server)

  • You can access the config file inside /Scripts/configs.lua

  • You can disable or enable chat messages by changing the value of "configs.SendMessage = true" to true or false

  • You can disable or enable saving locations locally by changing the value of "configs.SaveLocally = true" to true or false

  • You can disable or enable if you want to see the coordinates in the chat when you save or load a location by changing the value of "configs.POSInChat = true" to true or false

  • You can change the ModifierKey for both save and teleport by changing the value of "configs.SaveModifierKey, configs.TPModifierKey" to either 
  1. ModifierKey.SHIFT for rshift and lshift
  2. ModifierKey.ALT for rshift and lshift
  3. ModifierKey.CONTROL for rctrl and lctr
  4. ModifierKey.NONE for no ModifierKey 

  • You can add more locations by adding a line like this 
  1. ["SaveLocation3"] = {Key = Key.F3, ModifierKeys = {configs.SaveModifierKey}}, under save or tp table
  2.   BUT make sure to change SaveLocation3 to SaveLocation4 and the keybind from Key.F3 to anything else
  3. here is a list of keys you can use https://pastebin.com/NfcRBtwJ

Installation (By cwsharkbones)

Steam Version Install
  • Download and unzip UE4SS_v3.0.0 to the Directory \steamapps\common\Palworld\Pal\Binaries\Win64
  • Place the SaveAndTeleport Mod in the Pal\Binaries\Win64\Mods folder.
  • Change bUseUObjectArrayCache = false in Pal\Binaries\Win64\UE4SS-settings.ini
  • Delete any old XInput files
GamePass Version Install
  • In the Xbox app, Right Click Palworld > Manage > Files > Browse
  • Head to ...\Palworld\Content\Pal\Binaries\WinGDK
  • Download and unzip UE4SS_v3.0.0 so you have \Palworld\Content\Pal\Binaries\WinGDK\Mods
  • Place the SaveAndTeleport Mod in the Pal\Binaries\WinGDK\Mods folder.
  • Change bUseUObjectArrayCache = false in Pal\Binaries\WinGDK\UE4SS-settings.ini
  • Delete any old XInput files

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