One of a Kind: Pal Variant Overhaul

Major Update:

- Complex Swaps: Swap on Gender, Swap on Pal Rank, Swap on Multiple Passives

- ALL Passives Added: Missing Passives found and included in Overhaul

- New "ALL" Slot Included: Allows OK Overhaul Swap for EVERY Pal of a certain ID

- Over 10000+ Maximum Variants Possible: Holy $#!T
(ALL Slot + 65 Passives FOR 155 different Pal IDs)
(10230 Variants Total!)

- Cleaned and Reworked Code: Singleplayer and Coop Compatibility
(Sadly, servers still need some looking into. Stay frosty for updates!)

This Update is a HUGE one. Largely due to andrei0482's inspiring work:

The concept of Evolution inside Palworld hasn't been realized yet, but with OK Overhaul the implementation has been created!

Using Pal Condenser Rank as the main mechanic, modders can now "Evolve" their modded Pal by featuring a different mesh for each rank!

(3D Model of Cattiva Evolutions by Tetsune!)

A lot of features are also included, like Swapping on Gender or Swapping on Multiple Passives! Modders now have a LOT of ways to bring their custom Pal into the game!

Pick up the update and get ready for the upcoming mods!
One of a Kind (also referred to as the OK Overhaul) is a mod aiming to be the best and easiest way to add unique variants of a Pal into Palworld!

Using Palworld's Passive Skill System as a baseline for all Pal Variants, each Pal can have up to 65 Unique Variants in a single game instance!

With a total of 155 unique Pal IDs covered, that's a whopping total of 10230 Maximum Variants!

One of a Kind was made to give players, modders, and server hosts a hand in making additional Pals possible, instead of Pal replacements!

➺ Mods that make use of OK Overhaul can co-exist with the original Pals AND other Mods!

➺ OK Overhaul supports Texture Swapping AND Mesh Swapping!

➺ Adds more value to Passives as a whole, enabling familiar mechanics like Lucky Recolors and Unique Bosses!

One of a Kind reads every existing pal's Passive Skills, and looks for the following:

Lucky: The Lucky Passive is the absolute first skill that the code looks for. If ANY of the pal's passive skills is "Lucky", it will give the Pal the Lucky Variant, if available.

Legend: Legend is the next passive skill with "super" priority. Same as Lucky, if any of the skills are "Legend" the Pal will receive the Legend Variant, if available.

Boss: Not quite a "Passive" skill, but Boss Pals are given their own variant as well. If the Pal is a Boss Pal, the code ignores any of their passives and gives the Boss Variant.

Coward: Should a Pal have "Coward" as their first passive skill, (ex: Most of the Starting Area Pals) the code will instead seek out the Pal's second Passive Skill, and use that for the variant of choice. If Coward is the ONLY Passive, the pal will receive the Coward Variant.

If none of the conditions above are met, the code will simply look for the Pal's first Passive Skill and use that Passive's variant!

Download UE4SS 3.0

Singleplayer or Server? Xbox or Steam? No longer an issue: Download the latest build of UE4SS 3.0, it covers everything!

Download and extract the zip inside:
(or WinGDK for XBOX Game Pass Users)

✩ Open UE4SS-settings.ini
➺ Make sure bUseUObjectArrayCache = false
➺ Confirm that GraphicsAPI = dx11

IF you previously used UE4SS 2.5.2, Delete XINPUT1_3
...or XINPUT1_4 if you're an Xbox Game Pass Player!

 UE4SS 3.0 is now installed and ready to go!

✩ Download OK Overhaul and drop the PAK file in:

➺ Palworld/Content/Pal/Content/Paks/LogicMods

This mod will be loaded via UE4SS's Blueprint Mod Loader, and when you enter a game, you will receive a notification that One of a Kind has started working!

If you receive this notification, you have successfully installed One of a Kind Overhaul!

Please consider voting this mod for Curseforge's Palworld Modding Contest! A great deal of work was made to cover each and every Pal in this game.
Thank you very much for your support!

Localcc: Reverse-engineering Palworld's SDK to be used in a Custom Build of UE5!

Multi Objects Renaming Tool Plugin (MORT): Made the process of creating files for all 155 Pal IDs super easy! An incredible tool to have for modding.

Txoba: Made the Lucky Color Swap for Chikipi

3monika4: Made the Lucky Color Swap for Cattiva

lynchee0314: Made the Gwen Cattiva Replacement