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Ever wanted to play Wordle in minecraft? Well here it is.


=== WORD HUNT ===


Just like the original game, your goal is to guess a word in six tries, with each guess being a five letter word. After guessing, the color of the letters will change depending on how close your guess was to the word. If playing in multiplayer, the first person to find the word wins!


Hard mode is also available! If enabled, your guesses will have to contain all hints revealed in previous guesses.









Yes that's right, competitive Wordle! You will win points if you're lucky enough to guess the word before everyone else. Climb the leaderboard and become the most skilled player among all your friends!

(please note that the resource pack will not automatically install if you directly host the map on a server, you will need to either manually give it to everyone or add it in the server.properties file.)





8 languages are available: English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Dutch, Turkish, Polish

Selecting a language will translate the entire game (info boards, text, dictionary..)





Every day at midnight, UTC time, a new daily word will be available, regardless of your timezone. Please note that daily words aren't available if playing in offline mode.



=== INFO ===


Version: 1.19

Player capacity: 1-12

Languages supported: English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Dutch, Turkish, Polish


Have fun guessing! Join my discord server to discuss future projects: https://discord.gg/hTK5236VsR