Who Am I?

526 Downloads Last Updated: Mar 6, 2013 Game Version: 1.4.7

This map currently only works from snapshot 13w02a. However, using the Minecraft Version Changer you can update your Minecraft easily and quickly and play the map!

'Who Am I?' is an emotive and exciting new adventure, using story elements that evolve your perception of not only your world, but your own identity.

In this map, you have no idea of what is happening, and that is the beauty. The idea is you find out more as your character does.

- A captivating story that constantly questions what you already know and what you don't.
- A chance to decide the fate of your own character.
- An exciting new style of Minecraft Map, where there are no rules or regulations, no hints or clues, but all your own decisions.
- Hours of exciting and interesting gameplay!
- A heartwarming tale that surprises and shocks at every corner.
- A one player experience.
- Start on Peaceful! Command blocks will change your gamemode when needed!

"A fantastic map, designed beautifully with a twist at every step"

"A chance to experience a story like no ever, in a way no story has ever been told"


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