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By PartumCreed

Medieval world filled with cities, villages, hamlets & its own lore! Among four kingdoms based on RPG races such as Orcs, Dwarves, Humans & Undead. Inspired by Warcraft loreRoman & Japan Histories.


This is a story of ancient evil released from the depths far below the Nether into the overworld, spreading corruption & death upon the lands, annihilating kingdoms & whole civilizations...


Until one single kingdom remained within one small region & held the last stand against the darkness, however, as all hope was lost & folk were driven to despair... An ancient being rose from stones so old & mossy, shifting the tides of war.

The one who created the world its self. The Admin, forging bedrock walls around the kingdom of Wesceon & banishing the evil to roam outside its walls the world was saved. Thus the small kingdom became the world & its regions the four kingdoms of Wesceon.


How to play


Install the map & play normally as you would any other survival world.


Install the map & the "Custom NPCs" mod through forge. 'Traverse' is an optional mod, not necessary.



 To clarify, i am PartumCreed & Wrathverse is a username i no longer use. Curse support cannot change it but supposedly it's in Twitch's hands which do not respond to customer support.





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