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Welcome This Is A Map Where You And 1-3 Friends have to escape the prison but 1 of you are guards.

This Is The First BETA, and the First Map I have made, So far there is only a prison and a few ways to escape.



The Guards Job: The Guard Can patrol around and at specific times open up the cafeteria to grab food to feed to the players, and go to the guard tower (Where Guards Start) too press the buttons to close or open the cell doors or maybe even the door to the yard. If there is an escape the guard can press the alarm button and close all the doors by pressing each of the open door's buttons. A guard can not use any chests with Hammers Stashes etc in them unless the Stashes are not covered by signs. 


Notice For Guards: At night you are not allowed to control just look through the camera's


The Prisoners Job: The Prisoner has been locked up for life and must escape the confinements of the prison. Search for items amongst there cells and across the map, Sneak around at night and avoid the camera's too escape. 


Notice For Prisoners: You should try to get back to your cell by morning.


Soon to be Added:

More Escapes, More Doors for the guards, 



In this map you HAVE TO install these mods: Create 1.16.5, Securitycraft 1.16.5, Hwyla 1.16.5 (Forge Version).