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Minecraft Version: 1.14  Recommended Players: 1-4  Playtime: 3-4 Hours



Totality is a new open-world adventure map from the creator of Gloria, Monstrosity, and the adventure branch of Diversity 2. Crash-landed on Earth, your only hope of escape is to locate four ancient batteries known as sources. Build tactically with an infinite supply of holoblocks to overcome hordes of robotic foes and find your way home.




"Totality is a thrilling adventure map that is perhaps one of the most, if not the most, innovative maps to surface in recent times." -MinecraftSix, Read Full Review


"I highly recommend [Totality] for a fun romp with imaginative mobs, really cool story delivery and lots of humor and surprises." -Jigarbov


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Cinematic Playthrough by Bradmall:



Not sure how to install the map? Read my map installation tutorial!


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Feel free to stream/record, but please be considerate and leave a link to the map in your video's description.



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