TNT Wars

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Today I am introducing my new Mini-Game,
TNT Wars!


In this fast passed game, your goal is to blow up your opponents with the pure power of explosives!
This game works for 1+ Players! Bellow you will be able to find everything you need to know about the game, from how to play and how everything works! I hope you can enjoy the game!

(PvP Modes require 2+ Players, but you can play the
PvE Mode in single player!)



There are 3 different game modes:


  • PvP Teams
  • PvP Free-For-All
  • PvE Survival

Each game mode is slightly different in how you play them. Here is their explanation:

Game Mode Information
PvP Teams-

You are split up into 2 teams, Red and Blue where your goal is to kill everyone on the other team to win! Teams can be balanced or unbalanced, the game will still teleport everyone either way into the selected map. Once everyone on the enemy team, the last team alive is the winner!

PvP Free-For-All-

Works very similarly to PvP Teams, but everyone is by themselves! But the add on for FFA is Power ups! You can collect power up to help yourself or try and destroy you enemy's even faster! Power ups were not added to Teams because they would be much more powerful. Be the last one alive to be the winner!

PvE Survival-

This is the most different game mode compared to the others, for this one can be played in Singleplayer, as well as Multiplayer! Your objective is survive as long as you can with different waves of monsters, TNT rain, and other things trying to kill you! Every monster you kill explodes once they die, so be careful and don't get too close! As time passes it will get more and more difficult to survive, lets see who can get the high score in PvE mode!

There are also 4 different kits!

  • Bomber
  • Grenader
  • Pyromanic
  • Rocker Launcher
  • PvE Survivor

Each kit is also different from one another, so here are their explanations:

Kit Information

The Bomber is an expert with TNT, and has masted the skill of detonating TNT! The bomber is the only one who know how to detonate TNT without having to use flint and steal! You detonate your TNT by walking next to it like this:

You start off with 32 TNT, and you get 1 TNT every second once the game starts.
Your armor is Full Iron with-
-Blast Protection 7
-Unbreakable Tag
-Feather Falling 10


The Grendaer is best for people who love quick, fast and big explosions! The Grenader is able to throw their grenades for a instant explosion! Be careful, if you trow too many very quickly, the grenades may explode off each other and bounce around! Also make sure not to blow yourself up, it can become very easy to do so!

Trowing a grenade is as simple as this:

You start off 16 Grenades, and you get 1 more even 4 seconds.
Your armor is Full Diamond with-
-Blast Protection 4
-Unbreakable Tag
-Feather Falling 10


The Pyromanic class is for sure the most chaotic kit of them all. You get special Fire blasts where when used, summon a blaze from the nether to cause a mini-fiery explosion! Be warned- You will do some damage to yourself, but this kit can sure do a lot of damage to others!
Here is what one looks like:

You start with a 16 Fire Blasts, infinite Fire Resistance 1, and you get 1 Fire Blast more every 4 seconds.
Your armor is Full Gold with-
-Blast Protection 15
-Unbreakable Tag
-Feather Falling 10

Rocket Launcher-

The Rocket Launcher is for those who wish to kill their opponents from a distance! Take your rocket launcher with ease and shoot down the opponents from the farthest distance! Just make sure to not hit them directly, or else it will not explode! Here is how you shoot the rocket launcher:

You start with a Bow, infinite Speed 1, and you get 1 Explosive Arrow more every 3 seconds.
Your armor is Full Chain with-
-Blast Protection 4
-Unbreakable Tag
-Feather Falling 10

PvE Survivor-

There is not much to say about this kit, for it is only for PvE mode and is meant to be the start of your PvE Adventure! 


The 3 maps that can be seen in the Trailer. Their names are:

  • Desert Oasis
  • Icy Hills
  • Local Village

If you want any more info on the map, fell free to read all the books at the help desk in the spawn point!



Also, thanks to the following testers for helping me test this game!

Creator- TheFatSanta

Main Tester- Capaneus
All Testers:


This is my FIRST map I have made, fell free to give me feedback bellow! Thank you and I hope you enjoy TNT Wars!
If you chose to present TNT Wars in any YouTube video, please note the download for this map and the creator! :)


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