The Unseen Forces - Arid Fortune

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The Unseen Forces map is back! Enter the Pyramid and find the monument!


The Unseen Forces is a custom PvE map. There are 10  mob waves, 4 different sorts (see below) and 14 new weapons.

To start a wave, just right click with the torch on the central statue. Be careful, There are many zombies with custom properties.


When a wave is finished, a new door is open and you can continue to explore.


There are 10 chests, someones are hidden. Open it to get new weapons! 





-The torch is used to start the Waves, light the other torch (on wall) and burn the zombies.


-Fireball: Deal 4❤ of damage at the impact.


-Healing totem: Restore 1.5❤ separated in 5 times. Heal 7.5❤ at total.


-Lost Focus: Stop the entities following you for 4 seconds. 


-Shield: Give you an Unbreakable Shield for 20 seconds.














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