The Unseen Forces

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The Unseen Forces is a custom map created for the 1.9.


The game is separated in 15 waves with increasing difficulty, and a final boss wave.

your goal is to protect the gold statue monument by killing the zombies. Be careful, when a zombie is close to the statue, they break it!

When you killed all the zombies, the wave is done: you have access on the shop and you earn XP levels (the money)

In this shop, you can get new weapons! here is the list:


Basic Sword

Basic Hatchet

Steel Beak Sword


Venom Blade

Long Blade

Soul Dagger

Ranger Sword

Crusher Blade (preview coming soon)


click on a link to view the weapon in 3D.

They have rarity. Green: Common, Blue: Rare, Orange: Legendary

You drop the weapons with custom durabilities. there are Unbreakable but you have different skins varied by the durability.


The map have custom Zombies, for example, there are the crawler. 




The crane


The ruins on a jungle


the Gold statue


This is the final Boss


the Boss again


Some custom zombies


A Mutant zombie


A lot of Zombies


The Hatchet


A custom Menu




that's it,

sorry if there are mistakes, the english is not my native language. (You can help me to find it! <3)


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