The Storm Parkour! v2.0.1 OUT NOW! (8 Challenges, 64 Stages!)

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An all-new obstacle course parkour map.





Map info:

This map is inspired by other similar obstacle course maps, mainly tetrix1993's work, most notably t3c and tPC.


The goal here is simple: there's 8 challenges, one of which is a bonus challenge. These challenges contain parkour obstacles you have to complete. At the end of each challenge, you will obtain a reward in the form of emeralds of varying quantity. Clearing all 8 challenges and thus collecting all rewards will allow you to ultimately complete the map.

You can play the challenges in any order you'd like to, but it is recommended you follow the numerical order, as they are arranged by difficulty. The first challenge is located right in front of spawn with a path leading to it, and the rest are located in the plots around spawn, rotating clockwise starting with Challenge 1.


Each challenge is themed after a certain block in the game - Challenge 1 is themed after the stone block, Challenge 2 has a grass theme, and so on. This allows for endless possibilities of parkour courses and different scenery to parkour in.


The original idea for this map was to be always expanding - that's no longer the case. I've other projects of this nature I'm currently working on, the goal of this map is to finish the promised 8 challenges to make for a complete, finite gameplay experience that few other maps of this nature can provide.

 List of challenges:

Challenge 1: Rocky Beach

This is the first and easiest challenge in the map. Even if you've never done parkour before, you will have a very easy time, as you progress through the stages, which will teach you some very easy beginner jumps.

Stages: 8

Difficulty: Very Easy

Challenge 2: Animal Park


This challenge isn't as easy as the first one, but you should not have any problem with it. Themed after an animal park, this challenge will bring you relaxing and easy jumps while you enjoy the scenery and have fun exploring the animal-themed stages.

Stages: 10

Difficulty: Easy

Challenge 3: Dirt Shack


A seemingly simplistic dirt shack among a peaceful scenery leads to an underground dirt mansion. This challenge will lead you through 10 themed parts of this giant house and provide some challenging, but not difficult obstacles to clear.

Stages: 10

Difficulty: Normal

Challenge 4: Skyhigh Castle


This is where things start to get tricky. An enormous castle with very tall towers will likely provide the first struggles for many in this map, especially for parkour novices.

Stages: 8

Difficulty: Intermediate

Challenge 5: Doom Tower


Despite what the name might suggest, this tower is all but doom. That is, if you've got the skills to conquer it.

Stages: 6

Difficulty: Hard

Challenge 6: Tree of Life


A gigantic tree filled with tricky jumps, including fence jumps and lots of difficult ladder obstacles. This challenge has only 6 stages, and they aren't very long, but they'll be sure to challenge even the best of parkourers.

Stages: 6

Difficulty: Very Hard

Challenge A1: Ender Break


The first, and currently only, sub-challenge in the map. Sub-challenges have no stages and are generally much shorter than regular challenges, but no less difficult. This one will have you doing many ladder jumps and parkouring on experience orbs.

Stages: None

Difficulty: Extreme

Challenge 8: Sunset Aquapark


The final challenge in the map. This is truly where all hell breaks loose. This water park may look like fun to you, but once you start jumping, you'll regret ever having entered.

Stages: 6

Difficulty: Insane



> Overview of the map

> The spawn hut, from outside

> The spawn hut, from inside

> For photos of each individual challenge, check out the "List of challenges" spoiler.

 Version History:

Version 2.0.1:

> Added support for Minecraft versions 1.13 and 1.13.1

> Changed the general structure of commands in the map

> Added more secrets

> Changed the structure of Stage 8-1, making it easier

> Lots of general bug fixes and enhancements


Version 2.0:

> Released Challenge 4, Challenge 5, Challenge 6, Challenge A1 & Challenge 8

> Added end room

> Added secrets

> Disabled Anti-Cheating System

> General bug fixes and enhancements


Version 1.1:

> Released Challenge 3: Dirt Shack

> Added guiding signs to Challenge 2

> Revamped the border of Challenge 1

> Changed the map layout slightly

> General bug fixed and enhancements


Version 1.0:

> Released Challenge 1: Rocky Beach and Challenge 2: Animal Park

> Added hidden control room, including an Anti-Damage System and an Anti-Cheating System


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