The Plague - Last Hope: Can you bring forward humanity?





Can you bring forward




Made by Snazzamazza - Minecraft 1.8.1+


Hello, it is Snazzamazza and today I have a little Survival Map for you! In this Adventure Map, a devastating

plague has wiped out most of humanity, but you and 3 other humans have managed to survive.


Unfortunately, though, you guys have no food, no shelter, and are losing the struggle against the infected in the Outside World.

Every so often, an Infected Human sneaks into your little area, but luckily, you banish them into your little Cage of The Infected just in time


No body gets infected! And, amazingly, one of your villagers have a medicine to 'Purify' rotten flesh, so you shall be free of Hunger and Disease!

Although, it doesn't make it taste any better...


You start off with only 1 sapling and 1 seed. The Sapling? Wood/Apples! Seed? Food! Although your farm will start slow, you are allowed to test your strength

against the infected - they cannot infect you, although the disease makes them want to kill you. The only way to get infected is if their blood/saliva manages to

get into your bloodstream. So, remember Rule #4576 - No Kissing Zombies!!


Your Goal: Make a living for yourself and trade with the villagers for items.


If you have any suggestions or found any bugs, please comment them below!


Thank you, and may the best human bring us forward!




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