The Nuclear Infernal Way -- El Camino Nuclear Infernal

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The Nuclear Infernal Way -- El Camino Nuclear Infernal

MiniCTM UltraHardCore

  • This map offers general pvp mechanics with UHC Regeneration Mechanics (If the player chooses)

  • It has One Punch touches That is, Zones where the player can kill the Enemy in one fell swoop and the Enemy can kill the player in one fell swoop. map is dedicated to ElRichMC therefore there are strong references to him and his fans.

  • You can record your speedruns and series without problem since it does not affect our copyright.

 Spoiler Si lees esto busca la oz de la muerte (Es gris pero lo veras rosa)


Recomended Version 1.12.2



Thanks To:

  • DarthVid
  • Eloorams
  • ElRichMC
  • MysakkyByakko


Credits To Creators of the map:

  • MatekTech :: General, BetaTesting,Commands,WorldEdit,Editor
  • GnomoChompski :: General, BetaTesting,Commands,WorldEdit,Mobs,GameRules,MCEdit,Idea
  • SimplyShadowHD :: General, BetaTesting,Editted Items,General Constructor,Idea,EasterEggs
  • TheGenesis :: BetaTester (Se metio de colado),Constructor,Mechanics

Recomended Settings




  • Render Distance Max 8 Chunks
  • Clouds Off
  • Brightness Full 100%
  • Texturepack: Default
  • Gamerule: None
  • Entity Shadows: Off
  • Mipmap Leves Max 1

Server (Not recommended):


  • Enable Command Blocks: True
  • PvP: False
  • Recommended for 2 players 4 Max
  • Hardcore: True
  • Spawn Animals: False
  • Spawn Monsters: False
  • Announce Player Advancements: False
  • Do not use commands or /op
  • Read the documentation and Autor Rights
  • Comment And Share the Map :=)
  • Enjoy :=)
  • Puke: True

    --¬|Hall of Fame|¬--

  1. MatekTech: SpeedRun
  2. SimplyShadowHD: SpeedRun
  3. Upload your speedruns to youtube and comment your links :)


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