The Lost Adventure

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Map Info:
You got knocked out on a ship. Waking up, you find yourself in a dessert village. But  the ship’s crew and all the citizens are nowhere to be seen. Where are you? Where is everyone?

This is an adventure map, the character is in sand castle, and then will move in various other structures, though you will be able you will move to other facilities, it all depends on your ability to figure things out, the rest are monsters and hidden chests , good game and have fun do not do other spoiler for your adventure.

A bit of description of how:

Step into the world (of Minecraft), filled with:

  • Survival.
  • Puzzles.
  • Jumping parkour.
  • Epic story.
  • Great ambiance.
  • Hidden chests.
  • Save your progress.

Though you’ll hardly find any person, the world is filled with monsters that challenge you’re every move. Watch out for that creeper behind the corner, or for that skeleton on the roof. Find and eat food to keep you healthy and alive. So don’t think it’s an easy walk in the park.

You’ll find wooden doors that are easy to open. But you’ll also find closed doors, gates or walls that will only open if you solve the puzzle. Sometimes you must find the right entrance, button or lever to continue your challenge.

Jumping parkour:
To make this all and even greater challenge, you’ll have to make certain jumps to continue your travel. High jumps, far jumps, secret jumps and more.

Epic story:
A game is nothing without a story. Throughout the game you’ll find lore-blocks. Those blocks will take you deeper into the story that has been written specially for this map.

Great ambiance:
This map takes you around different biomes and different architectures. All fitting a certain theme. You’ll find that no house is the same, no chamber alike and everything is created to look absolutely stunning.

Hidden chests:
To help you in your fights and travel, we’ve given you chests. Here you’ll find swords, protection and food. But the good stuff is hidden. In secret places with secret chest. Can you find them all?

Save your progress:
Not only do we’ve lore-blocks. We also have save-blocks. They will create a new spawnpoint for you. So when you die (which will sometimes happen), you won’t have to walk all your way from the beginning when you’ve died.

We, Markus and Kevion, created this adventure map for fun and wanted to share it with you guys. We would love to hear what you think and give us feedback since we’ll continue expanding the adventure.

Good luck, and have fun!


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