The Labyrinth!


This is my first adventure map. No mods required! With unique mobs and a few boss fights! Although I never got to making the player head gallery at the end my book mentioned. Instead I just put tobuscus and my friend JRocket95 in the mutants/players gallery! Just extract the zip into saves and you are done! Most adventure maps involve much more complex downloads than that! Have fun! If you have a youtube account, I would greatly appreciate a let's play of this! Leave me a link to the video in the comments. This is easy enough with only one player, but I focused it around two for the let's play. So the chat will usually look like it is trying to talk to multiple players. Even the warps are set to @p (Nearest player!) or @a! ((All players!) The resources are also plentiful for that reason! Do have fun! REMEMBER: MAKE SURE YOUR DIFFICULTY IS NOT PEACEFUL IN OPTIONS BEFORE LOADING THIS MAP!!!


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