The Far Lands

3,882 Downloads Last Updated: May 5, 2016 Game Version: 1.8.9

Visit the Edge or Corner Far Lands with these maps!


This is all vanilla and i did not use mods OR plugins for this, it's been generated in Beta 1.5_1 (Only on The release file)



How to get in your Minecraft saves:



Open the folder you have downloaded --> Copy a map --> Tap windows button and type "%appdata%" --> Open roaming folder --> Open .minecraft folder --> Open saves folder --> Paste.




The expansion update has been released!

Here's a FAQ:

Q: Why isn't it compatible for 1.9?


A: It kept crashing when I tested it.


Q: It's laggy! How can I reduce lag?


A: Turn your graphics down. Or download "The release" file.


Q: I have problems with getting it on my worlds!


A: Don't paste the file into your saves. Paste the folder INSIDE it onto your saves.


Q: I want to do a survival let's play but my friend can't join because then it crashes!


A: I told you that this update is >NOT< compatible for multiplayer. However, you can both download it and do a race for who first killed the wither.





1.0 (The release)

 What's new?


+No mods

-Small chunk of the far lands


Explore the far lands that has been legitimately generated inside Beta 1.5_1!

 1.1 (The expansion update)

What's new?

+Expanded the Far Lands a lot (Still not infinite)

+Combined the Corner lands and the Edge lands in 1 map

+Updated the height of the far lands from Y 127 to Y 256

+Updated the x and z coordinates from 13,050,821 to 1000

-Incompatible with multiplayer

- Incompatible with 1.9

-Removed spawn area house

-Expanded using a mod (


Explore a whole new expanded far lands with this new updated version!

 1.1_1 (The expansion update_1)

*Fixed that when you die you respawn at the spawn area, not at the far lands. Sorry about that.





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