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Slay is a tactical, turnbased boardgame for 2-6 players (more people = better balanced = more fun).

Based on an old windows game with the same name. You can get that here:
That game is also available for mobile.


Build your army, overpower your enemies and conquer the whole land! Be careful not to overextend or you might pay the price.
Manage your resources, forge alliances and win the GAME!

- 8 unique themes to play with
- 40+ prebuilt maps
- Millions of generated maps with the built-in (seeded) mapgenerator!





You're free to play the map in videos, livestreams or anything else, as long as you copy-paste the following credit into your video description:


Mapname: SLAY
Mapmaker: Plagiatus, Etex & friends
Mapmakers website:
Mapmakers twitter:


It would also be nice of you to show our credits area in your video, we worked long and hard on this map, it's the least you can do.
If you don't follow these rules, I reserve the right to claim your video (drastic I know, but some people just never learn...)



Many differen themes to choose from