Skyblock: The New World

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Previously working at the AI (Aperture Institute), you suddenly find yourself stuck on an island with no idea how you got there. But there's more. You aren't alone. From your awakening, you can already see several other islands, an infinite number, with life on many. It's then you realize that this is not the world you came from. 

This is Skyblock: The New World


This map combines the concept of the simple Skyblock, with a storyline and exploration. Join multiple factions across the world! Go on quests to complete the storyline! Find items that you would never in the original version! The path is yours to take!


By the way, this is a work in progress. Got any suggestions? Comment.


FACTIONS (You might find a lot of references to fo4)

Earth Natives: The kind YOU came from!

Sky Settlers: The typical settlers 

Diamond Legion: The B.O.S. pretty much

Science: The Institute

The Faders: Children of Atom, a bit like railroad too

The Bleeders: Subdivision in the Faders

Survivors: ???


 Science and Diamond Legion are somehow allied, with the Diamond Legion being the offensive of Science

The Bleeders are pretty much the diamond legion for The Faders

The Faders worship the "World of Before"




Custom NPCs (required)

Varied commodities (required)

This Texture Pack (required)

JEI (Optional)

Advanced Combat (required)

Xaero's Minimap (optional)

Thut's Elevators (required)

Actually Additions (required)

Ender Zoo (required)

Simple Teleporters (required)

Magic Mirror (required)

Age of Weapons (required)

OMPD (required)

OMT (required) 

Sentry Home Defense (required)

Security Craft (required)

Drones (optional)

Tnt Mod (required)

Minewatch (required) 


Keep in mind that some of these mods have their own dependencies, be sure to download them too or else they will not work. I might lose track so if some blocks are missing and a warning comes up let me know!






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