Sky Tree Evolved 2.0

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Hi,I'm an Italian redstoner who wants to create the Sky Factory Map without any mods,only with lot of command blocks.


In this map,you will have some custom items like crafting tables.With these items you will be able to get the stuff to go on the end world,beating ender dragon and winning this map.I only used lot of command blocks and my "Op Tools" one command creation(created by me).

Before getting this map,i will show you  a crafting recipe example.

there is two sign.One is writing:

Craftable in...

Example:Craftable in Crafting.       For craft this item,you need a named dispenser(not just name a dispenser"Crafting",but craft the dispenser named crafting) (and there is always another crafting recipe to get the"Crafting" item.Just find them.If they says craftable in CraftingV2Crafter,you need to go to the nether and there will have a dispenser named CraftingV2Crafter).


Under that sign there will have a crafting recipe 3x3.use this recipe on the named dispenser designed by the sign.

After this there will are an arrow.This is:by this recipe you will have...

and after this arrow there is another item.That is the recipe.



Hope you will enjoy this map,good luck and another tip,to craft any Item go on the top of the named dispenser.


map by leleita*,all rights reserved. 


If there is some issues try to download new versions beacause maybe i have fixed it.This map isn't in a beta phase and i don't have published the beta of Sky tree 1.0 beacause there is so much bugs and the "2.0"i have realased the 2.0 version when i was fixing the 1.0 issues.I tested all craftings at the newest download published and i have discovered the cobblestone issue at 10 minutes after publishing the first sky tree.Beta of 2.0 is finished by a week before this page.But some bugs are free,and if you find it report it to me and i will fix it in "2.1"update or in a 3.0 update.I tested the map in creative mode but i haven't tested it in survival to see if its possible to finish that in one week or if the map is too slow to complete.Maybe some slow parts will be maked faster in a 3.0 update,but 2.0 still not a beta,just download newest versions.


*leleita is full minecraft nickname of lelegcaFIFA curse nickname


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