SkyGarden PvP

224 Downloads Last Updated: Apr 8, 2013 Game Version: 1.5.1

Check out the game trailer before playing:


SkyGarden PvP is a combat map where players, whether they be friend or foe, fight against each other. Using their trusty sword and strategic bow, players will attempt to either kill their enemies or knock them into the void that haunts the battlefield from below.

Players only have 30 seconds of preparation time, then have to battle against each other but only have a crucial 5 minutes! The winner is the last man standing!

There are also special abilities which can be activated across the playing field by praying towards the statues of the Gods above (stepping on the pressure plate). These abilities include Swiftness, Regeneration and Strength. Use them wisely, as they can only be activated once. NOTE: To receive the Gods' Powers for the next round you play, delete the used map folder and upload the one that was originally downloaded.

Special Thanks to all the Testers/Helpers of this map which are mentioned in the text file that comes along with the map.

NOTE: Read the "[READ] Important Info for Map" before playing the map.

   - o2Neoxide


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